Michigan’s Home Painting Blog

Most of the time we would prefer that you leave the painting to the professionals. But, we also understand that some homeowners may like to paint a bedroom themselves. So we have created a blog to help give you a heads-up on what to expect, and how to properly paint a room to your satisfaction. Browse our blog for ideas, tips, inspirations and more. You may also contact us for any more information, or if you feel like your project may be too big to handle!

Do’s and Don’ts of Painting Your Ceiling

DO: Lay out as many tarps as you can, because you may have to use a¬†ladder to move around the room. You do not want to keep moving your tarp with your ladder. DO NOT: Use a tall ladder and a small rolling brush. This may cause an accident when trying to reach a difficult […]

Proper Wall Taping

Here we will be showing you how to properly prep a room before painting using our wall taping strategy. Wall taping is very useful when you want your trim a different color, your ceiling a different color, adding designs on your wall, or just avoiding the door.


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